These tips will help you in cleaning the colors of Holi on the floor, furniture, and walls

Green, blue, yellow, red, pink. Do not know how many colors get mixed in the flavors in the fun of Holi. These colors attract, but when the festival of Holi ends, cleaning the house becomes a big challenge. This is the reason why people often get uncomfortable at the thought of making friends and relatives immersed in the fun of Holi colors in the drawing-room or living room. There is a fear that if the paint has spread on the furniture and the floor, how will you remove it?

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Now on Holi, hugging relatives and a little fuss of colors is made. Don’t worry about removing the colors. The following measures will help in this.

Floor cleaning: Don’t be uncomfortable with the idea of ​​how to clean the paint falling on the floor. If you have dry colors then there is no need to worry. You can remove them by collecting them with a broom. If there are wet colors, try to clean them with the help of tissue paper or newsprint. Both these papers absorb moisture well.

If there are stains of colors on the floor, then to clean them, make a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Apply this paste on the floor where there are stains and let it dry for some time. Afterward, try to remove it by rubbing it with a wet cloth.

Wooden furniture: If Holi is to be played in the courtyard, then plastic tables and chairs are the best to make guests sit and serve breakfast. If color gets on them, then they can be cleaned by washing them with soap and water. The problem here comes when the wood furniture gets painted. Dry colors can be cleaned with a brush, but wet colors are difficult to clean.

A chemical called acetone present in nail polish remover helps in removing stains. Try removing stains on furniture by applying nail polish remover to cotton. However, rubbing it vigorously can also remove the varnish from the furniture, so gently rub the stained area to remove only the color and keep the polish of the furniture ( rattan garden furniture )intact.

The walls will not be damaged: On the occasion of Diwali, if the new paint is done on the walls, then it is natural to feel uncomfortable thinking that the colors of Holi should not spoil it. If the walls are of light color then this concern increases, but because of this, do not dampen the enthusiasm of Holi. Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Apply it on the colored spots lying on the walls and gently rub it off.

Cushion Covers, Curtains: As far as possible, try to protect cushion covers, sofa backs, curtains, etc. from colors. If there are dry colors, try to remove them with the help of a vacuum cleaner or brush. If there are wet-colored splatters, you can try to get rid of them with the help of white vinegar.

Doors and windows: If you have wooden doors and windows, use nail polish remover to remove the color stains on them. At the same time, to remove the stains on the glass, apply a paste prepared with baking soda and water and rub it.

Washroom cleaning: After Holi, the wet color flows out on the bathroom floor as a result of bathing and washing of clothes. Now it is necessary to clean that too so that the shine of the washroom floor can be maintained. Use liquid bleach to clean white floors and tiles, and liquid detergent to clean colored floors.

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